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Finalizing the groom's suit color and style

Heading with TailorMe Logo with a black and white photo of a group of men in suits for a wedding, groom is standing in the middle

As the upcoming wedding in family approaches, the crucial decision of finalizing the groom's suit color and style remains pending.

This choice extends beyond just the groom's attire; it encompasses decisions for the fathers of the bride and groom, brothers, and groomsmen.

Group of men in light brown suits for a wedding, the groom standing in the middle with a darker brown suit

Balancing this

with the budget is an integral part of the planning process.

While we recognize

that the groom's suit is a focal point of the day and warrants careful consideration for quality and aesthetics.

We understand

that the appearance of other family members and groomsmen is equally significant.

Striking a balance is key

they should stand out from the groom yet complement his suit with their own outfits.

We acknowledge

that allocating a bit more budget for the groom's suit is reasonable,

but it's not imperative for others to splurge excessively on their attire, as this could strain the wedding budget.

Group of men in button up shirts and sunglasses holding their jackets over their shoulders, posing for a wedding photo, groom is standing in the middle with a khaki green suit

However, it's crucial that their outfits are not only affordable but also tailored to perfection – with a 100% emphasis on fitting.

For personalized assistance in navigating these decisions, feel free to call us. Our team of expert consultants at Tailor Me is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your special day aligns seamlessly.

by: TailorMe


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