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Discover one that is truly 100% You.

Formal, Business Casual, Wedding, Evening, matter your individual style need we’ll guide you, providing

detailed advice on fabric textures and accompanying colours to ensure a one-of-a-kind, perfectly fitted suit.


Customized down to the last stitch.

Select from hundreds of fabrics and dozens of style options.


An important part of any modern-day gentleman’s outfit.


Combine with chinos or jeans to
create a style that matches your lifestyle.


Bespoke waistcoats are highly versatile garments.


Mix and match them with other suits as a
form of layering or wear them casually to smarten up jeans and a blazer. The addition of a waistcoat serves for both aesthetic and practical purposes.


Have some fun with it!


Forget about the “to-fit-waist” guide we are all too familiar with!


We stock a full range of suiting and chino fabrics. Include as part of a suit or a separate trouser.


Bigger, smaller, longer, wider…


no problem - we have an in-house specialist tailor who will alter just about anything you own to ensure a more comfortable fit.

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