Q: How much is it for a suit?
A: The pricing of the suit is dependent on the fabric chosen. We have a wide range of fabrics available with varying thread counts and weights which affect the price of the suit. The styling and standard suiting options is inclusive of the price. Get in contact to find out more.

Q: Do you have any off-the-rack (ready made) suits?
A: At Tailor Me, we make all of our suits from scratch. All the suits that are made from each individual clients measurements and no clients suit is the same. We therefore unfortunately do not sell any off the rack suits.

Q: You say you make your suits out of 100% wool. Is that not hot?
A: Wool is a natural fibre and thus has the ability to “breath”, which means it can exchange air between your skin and the outside environment. This gives it the characteristic of keeping you warm in winter and cooler in the hotter months. This is why we use wool for all of our suits as it is a premium suiting fabric

Q: How long does it take to make a suit?
A: Depending on our current workload and on the complexity of the suit, the entire process, including interim fittings And alterations takes between 5-6weeks from date of payment.

Q: How do I keep my suit clean?
A: When it comes to odour, wool can simply be hung out in a dry and airy place (but avoid direct sun) and let it just air out for a couple of hours. The wool will lose it’s odour.
Dry Cleaning should only be done when absolutely necessary as this weakens the fibers and damages the suit. For more information on Suit Care, visit our Suit Care Instructions page

Q: What does bespoke mean?
A: Bespoke clothing is cut from a pattern hand-drafted from scratch for the customer from the customers measurements. This differs from off-the-rack, which is factory made in standardised sizes and made to measure, which is produced to order from an adjusted block pattern.

Q: What happens if my weight fluctuates?
A: Our suits come with a maintenance plan – should you weight fluctuate, we will provide a free alteration within the first year to ensure your suit is always perfectly fitted.

Q: What if the suit doesn’t fit on the initial fitting?
A: Bespoke is a process that must be appreciated and enjoyed. At your first fitting you can expect a suit that is 85% complete. We assess the fit and the balance of the suit on you while ensuring a faltering drape. Final measurements are taken and alterations are completed when required to bring the suit to the desired fit.